Wednesday, June 5, 2013

If You Don't Laugh...

I can't be friends with anyone who lacks a wicked sense of humor.

LEVITY "Willow Wedge" Sandals
I just bought at DSW.
Reasonable, fun, coral
and worth every step.
It's simply too much work to try and be friends with someone who has the personality of a Dixie cup. I've tried, too.  But I just don't mesh with flimsy, disposable cardboard.

On the worst of days, I am simply sustained by those who help me see the humor even in the most dismal situations.

You know the friend--the one who can give you the knowing glance from across the room at a meeting and reduce you into a paroxysm of laughter without ever having to say a word.

The friend who texts you a singular word that causes you to snort aloud right before you go to bed.

I don't know what I would ever do without them. They have gotten me through funerals, high school break-ups, make-shift paintball battles in my living room,  vomit-inducing workouts and the everyday mayhem that we all know too well.

Life can sometimes be excruciatingly hard--but those critical moments of hilarity help stitch up any tear in our fragile psyches.

After a rough start to my week--I wish all of you a moment of side-splitting, soul-soothing laughter.

And I hope you pee your pants.

Enjoy every step my lovelies!